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Lucie, Déborah, Coline, Lauriane


House of Service


When I was a student, I had to pay for that expensive rent, so I tested House of Service. Thanks to this website young and old people are able to chat together in order to live together.

Old people give a place to sleep and to eat to students in exchange for home help. Old people will not have to be alone. It’s less expensive than an apartement. It allows young people to eat healthier food than in the canteen. You can’t invite your friends in the house because it’s not yours. The biggest drawback is : you don’t have your own privacy. Personally, I have lived whith Michelle, a small grand-mother who is so cute !;) She is my second mummy as she is the best baker in the world. I slept in a beautiful room, I had my own bathroom and a student room. When I went back home after school the meal was ready !

In exchange for this I did many favors such as going to the market in the morning to buy breakfast, cleaning all the house, and walking in the park with her dogs which are called Tic and Tac. They are so cute. When I left Michelle and her dogs I was really disappointed and so was she. But it was a very good experience !

I will remember it all my life. You may meet an amazing person like Michelle.

XOXO, see you again





Hello everybody !

Today I’m going to speak about a new organization whose name is HLF. It means Help For Lodging. It consists in travelling all around the world in order to help people in need or homeless people build houses and schools, and to work with them so that they can get food or water.

I have tested this way of travelling from the second of July to the second of August. I went to a little village in Guatemala (it’s useless to tell you the name, you mustn’t know it). We were a group of twenty. We built a school, consequently children were able to learn how to read and how to write. We could also have also built houses but we didn’t have enough time. We planted trees which enabled people to get food. We brought water to the population. We taught English for free. We were able to give them old clothes.

It allows you to travel even if you don’t have a lot of money because you don’t have to pay for lodging or food. You are more engaged in the practises than if you were staying in a hotel. It’s the best way to feel useful and to meet people. Even if it’s free you have to pay for the plane ticket. You may work hard but it’s for a good thing.

I recommend this organization to you because thanks to HLF the earth will be better.


                               Manon, Flavie, Amandine and Lisa

P.S: We were eaten by mosquitoes over there so watch out.

Le camp de Gurs est situé en Béarn, approximativement au centre du département des Pyrénées-Atlantiques, à 20 km à l’est d’Oloron-Sainte-Marie et à 5 km de Navarrenx.