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calendrier fin d'année scolaire 2017-2018

Présentation enseignements d'exploration CAA et LS à 18h sous le chapiteau

Présentation enseignements d'exploration CAA à 19h30 sous le chapiteau


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Du mardi 14 février au vendredi 17 février 2017, les élèves de prmière et de terminale Littéraire, sont partis en voyage à Paris, sur les traces des écrivains.

Mme Pichon-Roques (Lettres), Mme Geneste (Anglais et Théâtre) et M. Le Floch (PHilosophie) ont concocté un programme que vous pouvez consulter ci-dessous, avec les commentaire rajoutés à la fin du voyage.

Lire la suite : Voyage à Paris 2017 des classes littéraires





Animals’ holidays

  Animals’ holidays is an online website. People who want to go on holidays must write when they go on holidays. Members who love animals can keep them when their owners aren't there. They just need to click and say when it's possible to take other members’ animals with them. Sometimes people who use this website may become friends. There are a few criteria to keep animals during the owners’ holidays (you must have a garden....). It's less expensive than a kennel because you don’t have to buy their food. It allows people to travel without their animals. It's funnier for animals to go into other people's house than staying alone in their home. We tried animals’ holidays just one month after its creation which was on January, 10th in 2008, because we went to St Tropez in a luxe hotel which doesn't allow animals. That’s how we discovered this website. We think there aren’t any drawbacks. We met the people who were going to keep our cats before our travel. It was a great experience.







            SwapObject is a website which enables people to swap objects online. It’s more useful and less expensive than LeBonCoin. It was created in January in 2017 and it’s more and more popular. The website is available only in France. It’s not really safe because we can give objects which are stolen or broken. If the objects are damaged you must pay a bail. It allows people to save money and meet other people. You can give objects which are unnecessary and it’s the quickest website, for example when Bob needs a shovel to work and Chloé needs a car to go on holidays, they just have to exchange their objects. Consequently, you can exchange anything. You may meet other people and you could have new friends.




FT Collaborative Consumption :

Go gardening !

It is an organisation which enables people to exchange advice on gardening. The website consists in teaching gardening to help young people. It is easy to use and a lot of people use it. I discovered this organization in the New York Times newspaper. The creator of the website who is a famous person is George Wilson. The drawback is that the website is just in English and some people may not understand English. It allows people to have free advice. Other people may solve your problems by asking for help on this website. We can also buy products online linked to gardening. I spoke about this website so that everyone would be able to benefit from it.